I remember that I once wrote a blog criticize Erwin’s leadership. By that time, people–especially fangirls–was rooting for his handsomeness and “manliness”. They were being blinded by him. I criticize his leadership as being “death-maniac”, and questioning his sanity. It all because I notice that his decisions always included sacrifice of the soldiers. Even more, the sacrifices are sometimes unnecessary. I also stated that he was crazy and the scouting legions are loosing because of him. Because of my writing, I received attack and being sued by Erwin’s fangirls. They also accused me for “not understand what is sacrifice” while I told them that they don’t understand basic of military strategies… which war casualities are part of the concerns.

As I remember SnK again right now, I begin to read everything to chapter 91 … and Levy proves me right.


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