So, right now I’m going to talk about my strategy beating Ahriman in Mote Dungeon. My method might not the most popular method, because of the characters I used probably not the popular one like Cloud or Lightning, or Zack, but I almost always uses Seifer or Basch in important battles.

I’m writing this down in case someone might find it effective as I am. Because, before manage to defeat Ahriman’s Mote Dungeon, I had asked several people who already beat it and I don’t succeed with their strategies.

Ok, here’s my party


The status are not very special, range between 400-500 ATK, 250-300 DEF, 200-300 RES.

At first I set my party consist of characters with wind soulbreaks, which are Fang, Vaan, Fuujin. Since I have bad synergy on FF3, I always gets wrecked when I could just land 25% of Ahriman’s HP. My fights always ends right there. When he spams series of elemental magics, I’m dead. Even with full buffs. As you see, Fang and Fuujin’s HP sucks, and three of them also sucks on defenses.

Therefore, I decided that I will need team with very large HP so they can live longer against the magic spams.

(my) Seifer has the most HP among the others, it’s almost 8000. Other than that, I have his two handy soulbreaks which are :
– Zantetsuken Reverse – raise party defense, high damage to enemy
– Death by Comittee – raise party defense too, if I’m not mistaken AND a wind attacks.
Besides, his DEF and RES could break 300 points.

Between Basch and Squall, I’d pick Squall who has the lower HP than the other one, because this position is for the hitter who can uses wind-powered skills. Squall has 6500 HP, and that is even higher than Ingus or Luneth. But if I have Luneth’s BSB or SSB, I would still use Luneth. But Squall with aero strike could landed 9999 damage on Ahriman (his atk is 503), and he also can uses torando strike.

He was picked because I have word of kindness, which healed 4000 hp each person. Also, it’s his realm.

Onion Knight
I actually not really need Onion Knight and think of swich him with other character like Vaan or Fuujin, but I keep him in team because I was lucky enough to draw his Vessel of Fate (which actually unnecessary because Sazh’s Choco Blues is actually way better). Besides, his HP is almost 8000, means that he will survive the magic spam better than Vaan or Fuujin. For weapon, I use Desch’s sword (or dagger, perhaps?), gives him 400 ATK & MAG.

This guy is like the key to the battle. I knew I will need Sazh in this fight. First, I use his Godsend for protectga and regen, then when his SB bar filled again, I uses his Choco Blues to boost attack and mitigation.

RW – Tyro’s Sentinel Grimoire
This is also the main key, other than Sazh in my strategy of beating Ahriman. This ability makes the team survives better, just don’t ever forget to resummon it when Ahriman’s HP is halved.

How the battle goes
– First, I use SG, then buffs such as Godsend, Shellga, Vessel of Fate.
– after buffs sets, Sazh landed full break, Seifer builds Soulbreak with lifesyphon, Squall uses aero strike 9999 or tornado strike 12000, arc spams curaja, OK do whatever he can to damage Ahriman.
– Sazh must can blind Ahriman before HP are halved.
– Keep attacking, if you have combo, use it. Be aware to resummon SG on the right moment or Ahriman will kills you with spams of magics.
– if you being discipline and manage to blind him, this battle is piece of cake.