This battle was piece of cake for me, since I have very good synergy on FF8, and they are well developed. When first I beat Ifrit, it was long time ago, so my equipments will be much different than what I have right now, Fuujin and Raijin hadn’t joined yet.

I have no screenshot of my team when I beating him for the first time. But I still remember who I used, back then.

He’s one of the key to this battle, because I drawed his jacket, which gives him Misty Blades (or whatever it called). Now, this is a very interesting Soulbreak. First, it’s a combo. Second, the more you use it, the more Ifrit suffers. In this battle, Squall uses about 4 or 5 times.

For her MAG. Though I only have Angelo Canon, it’s not helping much. I’d rather command her to spam blizzaja or chain blizzaja.

Second key to this battle, Irvine. I have good soulbreaks for him, Dark Shots, and Hyper Sniper. But with Vaan’s Ark Blast, Hyper Sniper is forgotten.

Trabia’s Light is enough.

Only if you have her Mighty Guard. Quistis is a kind of character that wouldn’t be much of a help if her soulbreak is only native.

RW – Vaan’s Ark Blast
Usually I would use Shout, but since at the moment I  uses MAG party, this one is much more helping. In fact, I uses SG, Shout, even Rinoa’s BSSB, but only this one leads me to winning.

How the battle goes
– buffs, mitigation
– spam Ifrit with ice attacks, build Squall’s soulbreak
– Only use Irvine to cast Ark Blast, or the role will screwed.
– save Squall’s Mystic Flurry until Ifrit’s HP halved.
– pray that he doesn’t spam 2 meteors in a row.

When first I beat it, MEMU went error in connection, so I have to repeat the battle once again, but again, it’s error for the second time. So I change to my phone and beat him on third time there. So, don’t worry. When you can beat him once, you’ll beat him again.