So, I got 79 mythrils and it’s FF12’s banner. My policy as dedicated but also laid-back F2P gamer is only pull on my priority realm only. Those are 8, 12, and 13. And today is FF12 event, I heard Gabranth’s helmet and blades are here, so since I’m a big fan of Gabranth’s armors, getting them is kindda like a fanboy’s dream come true.

I could pull them in the morning, since I’m online at that moment, but something’s telling me to pull it later. This is midnight, and I’m trying to test my luck on Gabranth’s helm and blade since I missed his hauberk.

I heard some rumors that if you pull 2 stars on daily free relic draw, you will get a good pull on the event’s banner. When I test it, I only have 1 star items, not lucky, huh? But then I have this urge feeling to pull, but it was calm. Not kind of feeling that I have to pull because I really really want it (like how it happens on Seifer’s banner, which I’m only draw his gloves twice instead of his gunblade). So I take my chance …


I’m dancing on “Something Just Like This” playing on my phone, I don’t care how ugly I was, I’m so happy with this. Thank you DeNa!